22 Feb 2013


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Please be advised that we are aware of the current situation regarding the lateness of the recycling collection.

According to Pinnacle Solutions, the company dealing with the collection of the recyclable material, their trucks have been experiencing technical difficulty and they are currently unable to collect in the Greenstone Hill area.

They advised ABA of this and assured us that the refuse would be collected yesterday, however according to our Estate Manager, Tobie Steyn they have not yet done so. Once again Pinnacle Solutions have advised that they are currently rectifying the matter with their vehicles and have assured us that the recycling will be collected as soon as possible.

Should you wish to follow up, kindly contact Pinnacle Solutions on: 011 966 8120

Due to these unforeseen events, the recycling has caused an inconvenience to the residents within the Estate and for this we apologize.

We thank you for your patience and understanding until the matter is resolved.

Kindest regards,


Chélene Botha


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