10 May 2014

Paint ball guns being used by children within the Estate

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The Homeowners Association wishes to bring to your attention the issue of paint ball guns as currently being used by children within the Estate.

A growing number of complaints have been received where paint ball guns are being used on building sites and houses nearing completion, particularly to houses between Glasgow and Dublin Street.  In addition to this, we have received reports from residents informing us that children are trespassing on properties and causing vandalism in unoccupied houses nearing completion.

More seriously, these pranks have now escalated to potential harmful injury, where residents are now being directly shot at, and one owner was luckily narrowly being missed whilst walking around a building site on the Public Holiday of 7th May 2014.

We record that a number of children have been identified by eye witnesses in the area, and the information is currently under further investigation in order to confirm the identity of the children, and to establish which stand(s) they live at. The owners of the damaged  properties have asked that the parents of these children please contact the Managing Agent by written response to this correspondence, in order to set up a meeting with the affected parties, so that the matter may be amicably resolved. The affected owners have advised that should the issue not be resolved amicably, or should there be any further incidents where any child be caught within the properties or causing damage thereto, the matter will be reported to the SAPS and dealt with accordingly in terms of trespassing, vandalism and damage to property.

We wish to remind residents that trespassing any property on the Estate, vacant, built, or under construction, is strictly prohibited both in terms of the Association Conduct Rules and the South African Law, where members are within their rights to lay criminal charges of trespassing should their property be access by third parties without the owners’ consent. It is further cautioned to residents that construction sites are dangerous, and neither owners nor their contractors can be held liable for any injury caused to individuals on site without consent. As such it is advised that children are cautioned of this, and we request that parents lay strict ground rules with their children, prohibiting them from entering these sites.

The Association and the affected members will appreciate the assistance of any members who have witnessed these events, and request that any future events witnessed be immediately reported to the Estate Security Control Room and Secuirty Reaction Officer as per the details below:

  • Thorn Valley Estate Security Control Room: 011 4528579
  • Thorn Valley Estate Security Reaction Officer: 072 282 2841

Should any member have further queries or information, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation and assistance.


Chélene Botha


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