13 Feb 2015


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As you may be aware, recycling collection within Thorn Valley Estate has not taken place by Mama She’s due to strike action of their collection vehicle drivers in recent weeks which has resulted in the need for emergency collection from an alternative service provider at an additional fee.

During this time our offices have been informed that the municipal service Pikitup, who usually collects non-recyclable materials has started a recycling initiative whereby recyclable materials are collected at no fee to residents.

In light of the above, the HOA have decided to make use of this free service from Pikitup and wish to advise that recycling collection shall take place each Wednesday from next week, the 18th February 2015.

Pikitup Recycling Bags have been delivered to site and shall be distributed to members today.

Kindly note that the following items are recyclable:

  •             Plastics
  •             Plastic bottles
  •             Glass
  •             Steel
  •             Cans
  •             Paper
  •             Milk & juice cartons

We wish to remind residents that although Pikitup will collect paper, Ronnie’s Recyclers are still active within the Estate and shall collect newspapers, cardboard and magazines every Friday.

Please take note that no garden refuse or food scraps will be recycled and Pikitup have requested that all recycling materials be washed and rinsed before being bagged for recycling.

We hope that all residents shall participate in this worthy initiative and wish to thank those that have already joined in this cause.

Kind Regards,

Chélene Botha 


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