09 Oct 2018


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We trust this correspondence finds you well.

We wish to advise that the Annual Halloween Festivities shall take place on Saturday, the 03rd November 2018 from 17h00 pm.

Volunteers are urgently needed to carry out the festivities! Those wishing to participate are asked to reply to this note with their name, contact information and stand number.

Residents participating in the dress up and trick or treating festivities are requested to meet at the Thorn Valley Play Park at approximately 16h45 pm where photos shall be taken and prizes shall be awarded.

Following the handing out of prizes, all participants are welcome to go about trick or treating!

Residents are encouraged to stock up on sweets and treats for the trick or treaters.  We recommend that the resident hands out the sweets for the first few arrivals, as they these individual may take large handfuls and quickly swallow up all of the sweets.  Why not also ask the children to do something like act like a ghost or say a poem, or sing a song for the treats?!

The Association wishes to remind residents that children must be supervised at all times as the trick or treating shall not be formally supervised by the Association. Only the handing out of prizes and taking of photographs shall be arranged.

A Prize for best decorated house is also up for grabs!

Lastly, we wish to ask that those who wish to receive trick or treaters decorate their homes in a Halloween theme to indicate the same. The Association respectfully requests that undecorated homes not be visited by participating individuals.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! 

Kind Regards,

Chélene Botha