Rules of Conduct


The Directors hereby publish the following schedule of Conduct Rules.
The purpose of these rules is the maintenance of common courtesy and regard for the rights of all residents to sustain an orderly use of common amenities and ensure the maintenance of high standards of living for the mutual benefit of all residents.

We respectfully request your co-operation in abiding by these rules and point out that should it become necessary, the Directors will take recourse to legal action in upholding these rules in the best interests of all owners.

1. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure a high quality, secure and harmonious environment and lifestyle for the Owners and residents of Thorn Valley Estate. In order to attain these objectives it is necessary for each Owners and resident to honour and abide by these rules.

2. The rules and regulations have been established in terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Thorn Valley Estate Home Owners Association (TVEHOA). They are binding upon all Owners, residents and occupants of the Estate, as is any decision taken by the Directors in interpreting these rules.

3. It is the obligation of all Owners of any property in the Estate to ensure that these rules are abided by the Owner, resident or occupant of the Owner’s property or present on the Estate, whether such be as family members, employees, tenants, visitors or friends.

4. These rules may be changed by the Directors of the TVEHOA from time to time and are binding on each Owner and resident of the Estate.

5. The conditions stipulated in any of the individual documents that comprise the overall rules and regulations of the TVEHOA such as these individual Building Contractor Rules, shall be regarded as having been incorporated in the rules and regulations and will be similarly binding on all Owners and residents of the Estate.

Please download a full copy the rules here